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with low humidity. comfortable, high temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. possibly 80 degrees especially south of town later on today. here is the extended forecast. bright sunshine all week along with low humidity. temperature's rising into the wednesday and thursday and the humidity kept at bay. next chance of rain on saturday. now to angela for the commute. latest is that it is nice outside and a nice drive. the only trouble spot in anne county, pretty serious accident overnight. 450the ramp from northbound to eastboundened 50. around the capital beltway, not much. stretch oft e outer loop on th after new hampshire ave. as you make your way to boulevard, they are blocking just one lane. springfield, there is a northbound and routes 17. lanes getting by. still very light volume. not many delays to start a monday morning drive. back to you. >> thank you. the lights are back on this of the viewingt area after a ferocious storm on saturday knocking out power to people in100,000 washington, virginia, and maryland. about 500 this morning. this was after sunday filled up across the area. it
. not too bad, though it is some kind of humid. we'll come back and tell you what it means to your humidity and your weekend forecast. >>> well a hoax is being blamed for a disturbance on board u.s. air ways flight. they had been on the air for about 30 minutes when airport police got a tip that one of the passengers on board might be carrying some kind of bomb. >> there was a threat, but the threat was unsounding. that flight was never in any danger. and i just want to stress it right now that the mail briefly taken in from investigation has committed no crime. >> yeah, but the passengers were really annoyed. after the inspection found nothing, they did get back on the plane, they went to it in dallas. when they find whoever called that tip in, he will be in big trouble. >>> well a crash on i-95 in northern virginia left one driver dead. this one happened in the southbound lanes in fairfax county. investigators said that a kia was merging on to the road when it pulled into the path of the tractor trailer. and while you can imagine that the kia driver would kill. the truck driver is probabl
tree that could save you from the humidity out there today. part of the reason for our 9 weather code yellow alert. top. >> yeah, that and the fact we may have thunderstorms. they will be few and far between. those that develop could produce heavy rain because of the tropical atmosphere. let's start with radar. we added lightning, not a lot of lightning, thankfully, but notice they are still developing, still coming in from the west and southwest. we're going to keep the chance of a shower and thunderstorm in. also overnight. right now, heaviest activity just to the northeast of cumberland. another storm just to the west of romney. and really, these storms were pretty hefty earlier in the day that moved across southern maryland. they have weakened. good news there. and right now nothing is around the stadium. the nats stadium. watching these showers toward manassas, and over toward culpeper. they are all green. there's nothing heavy. no yellows or reds. temperatures look good. 84 manassas, 84 downtown. 86 in fredericksburg. problem is, it's just humid out. for tonight, partly to most
and reveal the big cal ripkin statue. the humidity is oppressive. classic baltimore humidity. we are carrying a little late in the season as we push toward mid-september. though it's damp from the source today and all the humidity tonight we do see clearing to the west. improvements on the way for part of the weekend. we will have more on that coming up. staying muggy for the orioles but relatively rain free and chance for fog at daybreak. we will talk about the weekend coming up. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a single car crash early this morning that caused a sheriff's deputy -- cost him his life. he lost control of his cruiser and hit a guard rail before hitting a tree. the victim has been identified as a corporal, a 14 year veteran of the force. his father served baltimore city, and a brother who works for the sheriff. >> i have to say to his parents they aren't supposed to bury their child. parents aren't supposed to bury their children. this is very difficult for them. for charlie's family and from what i understand it was a sizable family, our prayers go out.
that willthe summe not end. with the heat and humidity, been some showers, some rumbles of thunder. look of the temperature now here furniture weather center. 82 degrees. our average height is 84. we were close to 90. folks out in the 90's -- out to the west, it is only in the 70's. you leftover showers. if you may yet come through, heading into west virginia. back to work and back to school in the morning mahdi,-- muggy, 78 degrees. temperatures will be in the mid 80's during recess. a little bit right -- a bit of a break -- i will p.e you coming u 11:00, a local family's are right. three years after a grandmother killed in a were drunk driving accident rate for the driver responsible was leaving a jimmy buffett concert. the family and advocates against take actiong who drink and get behind the wheel. there are pricking message. -- they're heartbreaking message. n drivers toed o before drinking and driving 32 of their loved ones from wheret distance standing. to keep your hand upon this family. they gathered at this manassas intersection. ago to the day, an storm shattered a family. ♪
humidity high. dew points have come down but it is still humid. that humidity could help build the storms as they drift in. you see them from canada and michigan all the way down to southern missouri. the storms are strong to severe. we will see how they hold together as they approach our area late tomorrow afternoon and evening. overght, quiet and muggy. we will look for storms in the afternoon. much more on that and the rest of your weekend. >>> after the big storm back on june 29th. people that live in little river was promised that help was on the way. christian shafer is here with the story. >> rosie, tall trees tower over their homes but the trees are on property that's owned by baltimore county. the county says that it will take care of the trees but the storm was more than two months ago and it has not happened yet. >> somebody is going to get hurt. >> that's a definite possibility. >> i will tell you right now i'm petrified and afraid that the trees will come down. >> the trees behind compass river are more than 100 feet tall, some are already dead. others choked by fast growing
, wbal-tv 11 news. >> boy, is it humid out there. the dew point in the mid-70's, and that is creating a humidity level of a 74%. we had showers earlier this morning. there is still a chance you could see more of that as we get into the afternoon. 30% chance of showers and storms through 3:00 p.m., also 3:06 p.m., as temperatures will be in the mid-80's. that is the case as we go into tonight. by 9:00 p.m., 40% chance for showers. although they will be scattered, if you do have a shower or storm, it could be on the heavy side. we will talk about that in the seven-day in a few minutes. >> the democratic national convention is set to kick off in charlotte. gov. martin o'malley will take the stage in primetime at 10:00 tonight. response tells us who else we will see on the bottom -- tracie potts tells us who else we will see on the podium. >> today we will hear from democrats that president obama has moved the country for, including mitt romney's successor, massachusetts gov. deval patrick. >> we were 47th in the nation. >> and up-and-coming democrat, the san antonio, texas mayor, is toni
's the forecast hour-by-hour. 76 degrees. humidity 73. chance of a shower. wake up to showers tomorrow morning at 71. we have an ugly forecast to share coming up. > >>> let us not forget isaac. those living on the gulf coast will not. isaac, it came as a hurricane. it seems to have done a lot of damage already. many victims are spending another day with no electricity and tropical temperatures. they are wondering when the weather will go away. >> reporter: remnants of hurricane isaac were strong enough to spawn tornadoes in arkansas saturday. isaac is gone. hurricane left behind a trial by water. >> we are getting ready to get washed -- washed away. this is the result of plaquemines parish. whole neighborhoods swamped by currents. the only way to go home is by boat. they are keeping a nervous eye north of new orleans . on saturday residents were told to evacuate quickly over fears it would rupture unleashing a wall of water 11 feet high. evacuation was later canceled. >> everybody is stabled. integrity of the structure is fine. >> reporter: for the fifth straight day, hundred of thousands s
. bel air upper 70s. humidity has come up in the last few hours. that's having an impact. clear now but a new front is on the board and beginning to march in our direction. it's sparking showers across northern indiana, northern ohio. as we go into the latter evening, mid-60s by morning and clouds on the increase. we'll talk about how conditions will change saturday this time, saturday evening. >>> general motors is recalling more than 450,000 cars tonight. some of them are rolling away unexpectedly. they affect the malibu g6 and saturn ora. the problem is in the transmission cable. owners will get a warning letter in the mail. >>> there will be fewer jobs at american airlines. american filed for bankruptcy last year. now more than 2200 flight attendants have signed up for severance payments. the company is trying to cut $1 billion in labor costs. >>> apple's biggest fans lined up to get their hands on the iphone 5 but before you buy, find out what one feature is that a lot of people are saying is not ready for prime-time. >> could your job be hurting your health? what doctors say y
, the humidity is, 82 downtown, 79 gaithersburg, 79 manassas but it feels like mid- to upper 80s. tonight mostly cloudy, muggy, a few storm possible, nothing in the next few hours, lows 68 to 74. we'll come back and talk about when the remnants of isaac will finally leave us alone. >>> well, tomorrow the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolina, but the party is already going in the queen city. the convention's host committee put on a day long street celebration called carolina fest 2012. over at bank of america stadium crews are putting final uches in place before president obama gives his nomination acceptance speech on thursday. democrats are now preparing their counter to the republicans' message last week in tampa, but so far the party finds itself on the defensive responding to questions of whether america is better off today than it was four years ago. emily schmidt has more on how democratic leaders are answering those questions. >> reporter: just as charlotte, north carolina, prepares to be the center of the democrats' political universe this week, party le
with high humidity. very summerlike again today. changes are coming down the pike especially by sunday. it could be more comfortable and .ess humid there's a moderate showers right in luray, virginia. tulare,nt royal down there are sprinkles. there's light rain pushing east. and in rockingham county there some areas of rain. 77 in arlington, 75 in camp springs. 70's now. low 90's this afternoon. slight chance of showers. r by sunday. now to angela. >> 95 in virginia. if you are traveling southbound towards fredericksburg, you may work zonesle few lanes, but they're still light volume. northbound 95 traveling through virginia, all lanes are open. travel times, from dale city -- route 3, 28 from minutes. 95 in maryland from 695 towards 495 the capital beltway, just under 25 minutes. e open with no early delays. t appears the d.c. region is toughest places for drivers. a study says the d.c. area ranks nation when it to a speed traps, ticket, and unhappy drivers. was number one on the list. >> 75 degrees. >> new details on convicted child abuser jerry sandusky. [ female announcer ] carolin
get to the convention, let's talk about the weather situation. humid, hot, mosquitos. >> i thought it was going away. >> tucker won't on vacation and left me with this. >> what's up with that? >> mixed conditions into the course of the day. just a few isolated showers to areas of the west through front royal as you can see and a little bit just to the northeast. can't rule out an isolated shower before it is all said and done across the area. let's look at the weather maps. 79degrees in the nation's capital this hour. 73 at baltimore. 72 at culpeper and 72 at hagerstown. it will be a hot day today, folks so be prepared. yesterday's highs, we hit 90 at reagan national airport. expect it to be 90 degrees today. back to you. >> thank you. >>> to politics now. bill clinton fires up the democratic base. the former president took center stage on the second day of the democratic national convention. >> the threat of storms forced the organizers to move tonight's speech by president obama indoors. >> reporter: former president bill commit headline the second night of democratic national co
in the immediate area here in the 70s. you will feel athe humidity out there this morning. let's see if that will stick around, as tucker would say, for the rest of the morning. -- you will feel a little humidity out there this morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. we want to el you about a great event happening today with dr. oz. he will be at the howard university college of medicine giving free physicals to 1,000 people. >> we do want to point out all of today's participants are preregistered. the physicals will be given only to those already signed up. please do not come forward to howard for you are not selected a few weeks ago. we'll check in with holly morris in our 6:00 hour. she will be out there. >> that is a great event. >> you're taking my material. >> you love to say that. you always think it is so clever every time you do. >> early. i'm hoping people aren't quite awake yet. i try to save my real good stuff for later in the morning. it is hot and humid across the region. temperatures right now in the upper 70s and even a few spots that touch 80 degrees this
at it, it looks comfortable. 85 downtown. 84 in gaithersburg. and 88 in fredericksburg. it's so humid, it feels a lot hotter. so for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, a few storms possible. those that develop could be hefty. lows between 70 and 75. we'll come back and talk about the effect of those storms on the nats game and look ahead through the week and the weekend. >> all right, thank you, top. one of the key figures in that d.c. corruption probe was back in court today. thomas is the former deputy treasurer for the vince gray campaign has pled guilty to felony charges for steering money to fringe sulaimon brown, and then trying to cover up those payments. bruce johnson has been looking into where the federal probe stands now. bruce. >> this much we do know, the federal probe is not over. in fact, a number of people feel it will pick up in public view now that summer vacation is over. thomas gore, deputy treasurer in the vincent campaign was sent home from u.s. district court today. his attorney seemed to be hoping for a sentencing date. even though gore is expected to get prob
. the forecast continues to be warm across the country. we're very humid in the eastern half of the country. and we're plain, old, hot in areas of the midwest. we've had rain in the last couple of days, socialed with isaac. the storm came up through arkansas and missouri. this has brought some beneficial rains and also has rained out people's picnics. today, humid care continues with the rainy areas, in alabama and mississippi. new england will have a nice day today. central and northern new england, you're going to be good. philadelphia, southward, through areas in kentucky and d.c. here, you're going to see storms. here's the path that isaac has taken across. illinois and inn. we' indiana. we will continue to watch spotty areas of rain, in portions of ohio and extreme eastern portions of kentucky. what's next? this is the peak week of hurricane season. we have tropical storm leslie. this is a very slow-moving system. there's a dip in the jet stream is not going to pick the storm up. it's going to linger off the east coast for at least a week. if you're heading to the beaches, the rip curr
the country. we're very humid in the eastern half of the country. and we're plain, old, hot in the middle of the country and through the areas of the midwest. we've had rain in the last couple days, still associated with isaac. the storm came up through arkansas and missouri. this has brought some beneficial rains and also has rained out people's picnics. today, humid air continues with the rainy areas, in alabama and mississippi. new england will have a nice day today. central and northern new england, you're going to be good. philadelphia, southward, through areas in kentucky and d.c. here, we're going to see hit-and-miss showers and storms. here's the path that isaac has taken across. illinois and inn. indiana. the last 48 hours, indianapolis, two inches. we will continue to watch spotty areas of rain, in portions of ohio and extreme eastern portions of kentucky. so, what's next? this is the peak week of hurricane season. we always have one or two storms to track at this time of year. we have tropical storm leslie. this is a very slow-moving system. there's a dip in the jet stream is n
can see what is going on at the moment. sorry, we can't ditch the humidity just yet. it's still very tropical feeling and at the moment, what we have around is way out there and just northwest of capon street streams. i saw a flash of lightning and that is not moving quickly. you might get heavy rain out of that and that is building, by the way. that is about the only thing. right now, i want to take you back in time six hours and we were not expecting this kind of deluge. we're talking about six, seven, eight inches of rain in some spots and that two-inch sized hail from roadsville in orange county, virginia. they had large hail as well and this is an estimate of what fell, chording to doctor. two areas of spotlight down here as you look through culpepper county and into spotsylvania county. two 1/2 to three inches of rain. you know where it was worse? to the beaches and through lower southern maryland, the salisburyiary. we had six, seven-inch rain totals, averages and that was excessive. when you add it in, what they had last night, this is a 12- hour estimate, they pushing eight
on the eastern shore, not too far from galena, middleton, a shower. the heat and humidity making their presence felt extremely summer like, feeling like 97 in the city. it's helping to fuel the heat and humidity. it is an active pattern up and down the east coast. this leftover low from isaac with about a 50/50 shot of developing into a new namedat? 80sed a few showers to the south. we have much more coming up. >> when you can't take wyatt with you, you can take our forecast. just head to to learn how to download our weather app on your smartphone. you can get shield app when severe weather pops up in your neighborhood. >>> foreclosures, short sales, disappearing equity. home prices across the nation have risen from last year. that's the biggest jump we've seen in the past six years. abc2's jeff hager has more. >> reporter: you can still find the for sale sig. you just have to search harder. they have been searching for the past six months and they still haven't found their next home. >> we are looking in all different price ranges and not seeing what we want because there'
. >>> humid afternoon and warm, take a look from the robert e coleman elementary. mixture of sunshine and clouds. baltimore county, city in to the 80s. look at chesapeake beach, boats and a chop with the southerly wind developing this afternoon. a brilliant sky overhead. here is the shot, little after 6:00, looking beautiful there, reporting 86 degrees, southeast wind at about 6. the story is the dew points running chose to 70 degrees. it's muggy. 86 in town. 90 frederick. dew point values upper 60s to around 72, the humid feel will continue through the overnight. indices, talking heat indices in to the 90s to close to 100 degrees. few clouds out there, see a few of the storms bubbling up. another storm over frederick county, that's going to pass off towards the south. hour by hour, keeping us dry through the night. 74 around 11:00. starting saturday at 70, in to the 80s by tomorrow afternoon. storms will start to kick in a little after the lunchtime hour of our western communities in to the city. right now, one storm towards the east of hagerstown, 70 corridor. a lone shower over un
'll still be muggy, damping downtown. camden yards, the statue dedication. it'll stay humid. i think generally rain free and dry air punched into western maryland toward oakland and deep creek. clearing situation for the skies tomorrow. we will see a little more sun and a hotter day. the rest of the evening stay muggy, nothing more than stray shower. >> thank you. you can get your forecast on the road. just head to abc slash weather to learn how to down load the weather app to your smart phone and get the storm shield app on the i-phone and the android. >> this is a strange story. in los angeles, the police and fbi are investigating a bank robbery that was so strange it could have been a movie plot. tj tells us tonight the robbers [inaudible]. >> reporter: a manhunt continues on the west coast for two gun men who reportedly kidnapped a bank manager and put a bomb on her before telling her to rob her own bank. >> significant amount of money was taken. >> reporter: the nightmare allegedly started around 8 wednesday morning the two men approached her outside her home as she
too. the dew point of 74, humidity way up there right now. we have a heat index of 82 at this hour. it shows you the moisture in the atmosphere. all we need is a spark. the remnants of isaac are off to our west. and more rain up in the baltimore area where they have seen a lot of rain during the day today. this is the rain to the south that will make its way up here throughout the rest of the night. is it not moving through the area very fast. some areas could see 1 to 2 inches of rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. you will most likely need the umbrella as you step out. it may not be raining when you step out the front door but when you come home. the temperatures between 69 and 75 degrees. once again any rain that does fall tomorrow could be on the heavy side. >> the threat of more rain has people in the bloomingdale area on edge tonight. flash flooding turned roads into rivers. and it's a familiar scene for people who live here. erika gonzalez is live where the cleanup continues again at this hour. erica? >> again. it's a never-ending story for the folks here. but look at
much cooler. the humidity also dropping. here's a look at that front. look at that right there. coming through. the dry air coming in behind it. even impacting the u.s. open in new york city earlier today. so, those gains go through tomorrow and into monday. so a hint of fall arrives. you're going to feel it tomorrow. cooler for your sunday morning. sunday afternoon, not hot. not humid. and also plenty of sunshine. great again for your monday. here's a look at your forecast overnight where temperatures will fall into the 50s and 60s. it does look really nice. becoming partly cloudy and cool. areas of patchy fog. in the morning, a cool start. you night need a sweater as temperatures will start in the 50s and 60s. afternoon, lots of sunshine, not humid. highs around 80. below the average high of 82. hey, great weather for the nats game tomorrow afternoon. hosting the florida marlins. first pitch at 1:35. mostly sunny, temperatures will be in the upper 70s. here's your zone forecast. we start in western maryland. oakland close to 70 degrees as your high for sunday. cumberland 77. partly c
. but the dew point, 75. that is tough. this has been as humid as it has been for quite some time. winds out of the south at 9. and the pressure is steady over the past hour, 29.88 inches of mercury. all right, the big picture with the radar, we are watching these storms to the east. these are pushing off to the north and east. these will head towards hagerstown. we're going to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. we'll zoom in, pretty quiet around the beltway. a couple sprinkles on the west side of 270, west of germantown, a couple sprinkles near laurel. but everything is light. no reds, no yellows, that is a good thing. temperature wise, 83 great falls. 82 in vienna. 81 in fairfax. 82 in springfield. 83 in bowie. so, still humid and unsettled. that's pretty much the deal. a few storms tonight and they will continue after the sun goes down. bring your umbrella to the nats game. more storms on wednesday. and a hot finish to the week. we're going to add more heat to our humidity on thursday and friday. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few storms possible. some coul
a few showers popping up in parts of our area. we have a lot of humidity in all of our area. topper, what's the deal? >> you can cut the humidity with a butter knife. good news, the showers are not near nats stadium. let me show you where they are. one that has been hammering fauquier county, is dipping down to the south and east. about to cross 95 toward fredericksburg. one popped up in the last, really 20 minutes, kind of straddling the river between loudoun county and upper montgomery county. trouble is, they have heavy rain. we'll zoom into this one. you can see east of culpeper, south of warrenton and going across 95. if you are between quantico and fredericksburg, you're going to have some hefty rain to go through on i-95 southbound. 84 in leesburg. humidity, it feels like it's 88 and 90. for tonight, early heavy thunderstorm possible. otherwise just muggy, low 68 to 74. we'll come back and talk about how long it's going to be tropical around the metro area and we have a cold front on the map, which is going to change forecast for the weekend. we'll have that, too. >> thank
the day. not a bad day except we are going to get hot. it's a little humid out there. and we are waking up to patchy fog this morning. and as we go into lunchtime, the temperature at 86 degrees. and we are going to go with the sun-cloud mix throughout the day. let's check the abc2 time savor traffic -- timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: construction delays. east of town and that's 695 at maryland 702. morning construction that's ongoing. that's going to start to wrap up during the course of the morning. we will see they take down the cones after 5. the 695-95 approach near exit 64 dealing with construction this morning. and finally out toward the west, right around 70 at 695 and this is aring highway 144 some construction tying up the speeds. we will show you things look pretty good on 695 at harford road. another check on traffic. >>> news time 4:32. he had so much generosity and vision and courage. he is the person that we can thank for the ravens and every thing he did for the community. art modell passed away yesterday and it's your turn to say thank you and good-bye. abc2
cool. >> we had a water spout. developing storm over a humid environment produces water spouts and this case it was around rocky point. moved in to the chesapeake. really impressive photographs online and we have confirmed this photograph from cody rogers, take a look, looking out toward the back river. impressive looking water spout. we have another one, this from sue in millers island. take a look at this. looking out of her backyard show a good-looking funnel cloud here here. impressive photographs. we will put them on facebook. >>> another humid break down from wake up to really as we end the day tomorrow. could be stormy, 78 to around 80. we will talk more about the storms and track the latest seven day. >> here is the breaking news we have been following on the news. just after 6:30 firefighters raised here to the 2200 block of east north avenue. they see heavy fire, thick smoke and a man who tried to rescue his elderly neighborhood. they found the woman dead of smoke inhalation and burns. >> we learned this was an 88- year-old woman. does live with other relatives in
so. the rest of the evening, more showers and storms and more humid conditions. boy, this is muggy. more on how things will develop is coming up. >> remember, you can check the forecast on the road. just head to you can learn how top down load our -- to download our weather app and get the storm shield app. >>> well, the baltimore grand prix is over. now comes the big cleanup. crews are working to get ready for tomorrow. they started breaking down the race track last night. all major streets around the two-mile tracker expected to be open by 5 tomorrow morning. grand prix officials said sharp street will be closed. this is the second year the grand prix is hosted in baltimore. >>> coming up a fisherman discovered a great white shark washed up on the beach. what scientists are saying about the 1600 pound predator and how this got there. >> a diver runs into a seal. where this seal was spotted holding hands with a human. >>> an early morning fire destroyed the building in portland. it used to be the red lion inn. it took more than 200 fire crew members about fou
is coming up. up. . >> i'm sue palka. are you wondering when we can ditch the tropical humidity out of the area? i will let you know when we see a change in the weather pattern. lindsay, we don't want to see any changes in sports. so much is going on. >> and there is no humidity anymore. please. coming up in sports, the nats are doing serious yardwork. we'll look at the home run yesterday and robert griffin iii said he's ready for the real thing this sunday. is he nervous for the big debut? that answer is next.  anncr: this casino's in n west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. . >>> making them healthier and improving their grades. first, this
commute, kids going to the bus stop. it is going to be warm and humid. everybody sweating by the time they get to school. let's do temperatures out there. reagan national, currently 77 degrees. so we have temperatures that have bumped up a degree in the last hour. a lot of steamy heat across the mid-atlantic for another day. had a warm front lift to our north and east during the day yesterday and that brought us some showers and you can see most of the shower activity, sort of a hard radar to look at. most of the showers are up towards philadelphia pushing up into central new jersey at this hour. no flood watches around here but it is possible that we could get enough rain in some spots here over the next day or two that we could have some flood watches posted. be ready for that. plenty of clouds today. there will be a few periods of sunshine as well with highs back in the mid-80s and let me give you the humidity report once again. if you care about your hair, it is going to be on the high side. >> for all of those girls going back to school, they care about their hair. they have to g
for the parking garage storm like that. beautiful, just like the past couple days. sunshine will lower humidity. will be a few s warmer than the past couple days. days with high temperatures '70s, the last time we had that was in mid june. but back then it came with rainfall. have had it with total sunshine. e change.welcom clear conditions overhead. e system giving us but sunshine again today. 60 degrees at reagan national, at dulles airport. beautiful sunshine for the day. baby blue with low humidity and. highs in the lower 80's, where year.uld be this time of that's where we will remain for the rest of the workweek into the weekend. saturday is when we have a showershance of a few and thunderstorms. we will be fine-tuning that forecast a little bit as saturday approaches. to angela for the commute. >> thank you. you are looking pretty good for the start. show you aten we can icons indicating trouble around the beltway. g on 95 in startin virginia, on the inner loop past 0, looks goodo 27 especially crossing american into montgomery county. continuing on the inner loop past 95 in maryland, th
. with low humidity and through the weekend. most sunny and that's today and the weekend. a brief sprinkle on saturday and again.ext week now to steve or angela. welcome back, angela. >> thank you. good morning. getting ready to start the work work zoneslot of being picked up around the beltway. starting in maryland on 270, no between frederick kempe the beltway. the b-w parkway and about 50 looking pretty good in maryland. 395 at glebe road in virginia looking good. no act of war zones northbound southbound, through the mixing bowl of. spots on the beltway in , still active. a couple of lines tied up, but traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a death investigation forcing authorities to remove several a bethesda home. one of the dogs is dead. drive.s on corsica they found a woman dead inside around midnight as well as the dog. removed the seven living dogs out of the house. the cause of death of the woman. inar-old has been shot n the 200 washington i block of 37 st.. teenager was conscious when arrived.s no word on any suspects. >> in culpeper, the husband of by policeot
of the weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. it is warm, humid outside and even a better chance of showers and storms today as the real remnants of isaac start to move in from the west. you can see those live there on the radar out in west virginia and ohio. they will be pushing in later today riding along that frontal system. it is stalled across the region. lots of clouds. i know there are a lot of barbecues planned today. not going to be perfect for it. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast. >>> in politics, the democrats get their turn this week. their national convention gets under way tuesday in charlotte, north carolina. >> melanie alnwick has more on what they had to say on the sunday tax shows. >> reporter: the message machine for the democratic national convention was out in force sunday. one big question, how to defend the president's economic record. on fox news sunday, chris wallace pressed obama advisor david axelrod about unemployment going up, income going down and debt rising too. >> just looking at the president's
will last. >> still summer on the counter for another two weeks. the humidity is certainly there, helping to fuel more showers, more showers over the chesapeake, very light rain and a couple of light showers north and west as well. the overall pattern is one of 80s out there. 84 in marriottsville. and edgewood at 81679 the heat is not all that pow presssive but the -- oppressive, but the humidity is unbelievable. the last remnants of isaac's moisture. this evening just a few showers. >>> it's hard to imagine a day like today. we're looking at the winter time. here you go, wyatt. according to the country's second oldest almanac, this winter will be packed with strong snow steriles. the 2013 hagerstown almanac was rope leased it. includes predictions for two nor'easters in december alone. the overall forecast is for 15 total days of heavy snow from november through march. you believe it? >>> some of you may want to be the first to hear when a storm is on its way. just head to our website, and download our storm shield app. remember, to download our weather apps, just tex
as catch up on the investigation right now on also a storm watch. hot and humid. feeling more like july than september now. >> it sure is. normally thunderstorms would pop up from the area. people are still cleaning up after the flooding. we really do not need more. >> that is true. doug hill is in the weather center. >> especially tomorrow and then tomorrow night, we do not need more of it. let's go to our storm scan. showers across the mid-atlantic. a warm front moving in. maybe some remnants left over from is it. it is a soupy mess out there. that will be the story through the evening. but check out these temperatures. 88 at reagan national airport, but when you factor in the humidity it feels like 95. isolated showers and thunderstorms hours through the evening. more for you coming up. >> remember, you can get this information, including a look at the radar, any time on line. and also with the back for your -- the app for your iphone or android. and the fourth time this year one neighborhood has flooded, and it is really just as bad each time. they have not been offered m
. parleypartly sunny and warm and humid. the area moving eastward is one area of showers and downpours we're keeping an eye on. further west where coming across the appalachians. a much larger area where the cold front. we will keep an eye on that and see of that affects us late tonight or early morning. a half inch of rain. very warm and humid. check out these numbers. 91 in frederick. 86 in the nation's capital. with the humidity it feels like it is 95 in the district. more in a few minutes. >> we turn to day two of the democratic national convention. the big event is the president's speech. they're concerned about bad weather so the president will no longer speak at bank of america stadium. thousands of your people will be able to attend but tonight another big name will take the podium. good evening. >> it take a 70,000 seat outdoor stadium in the middle of hurricane season indoors 20,000 people. it will not have people sitting them. >> conspiracy theories abound on this one. >> the delegates and various news. bull -- newspeople and vendors were talking about michelle obama. >> the l
, and it's hot. >> it's hot. it's warm and humid. the heat index is 95 currently outside. we're going to feel it. the humidity is out there. we do have some rain through parts of the area. most of us should stay dry. if you're south and east of -- at least most of us will. as we look outside, pretty shot. showing that we have seen at least a bit of rain. that dew point coming in at 75, humidity at 70%, winds out of the south right now absent about 8 miles per hour. once again the temperatures into the 90s. culpepper same deal. 97 at frederick, 96 in manassas, and 95 towards annapolis, a very warm and humid afternoon. we talked about the trigger earlier those stars starting to die out, but more storms developing right around portions of fairfax county. the shower will bring a light to moderate shower. right on through alexandria, maybe toward the airport, right over toward portions, and ox objecti oxo oxon -- some areas to the south have picked up some pretty good rain today. it looks like there's more on the way. loudoun cows, nothing to talk about. very nice evening. two frontal boun
with you. >>> we have good changes coming this weekend. we've been struggling with the heat and humidity through much of the country as we've gone throughout especially about the last two months, and now we're going to see the break. this is one of the first signs fall is on the way. temperatures will dip throughout the middle of the country first and eventually the east coast sunday into monday. this morning changes are under way, and when you get the battlegrounds between the warm, humid air and dry, cooler air, you're going to get showers and thunderstorms and that's breaking out this morning, most of it across iowa where the drought conditions are. so it's good we're getting the drenching, but there will be some damage with thunderstorm warnings along interstate 80. that's the worst drive this morning from the quad cities back to des moines, and eventually, this will try to push into illinois. as far as the forecast goes, dry air is moving through the northern plains. it's still humid and sticky with dew points in the 60s and 70s all the way up the eastern seaboard, so the humid air
into tomorrow. 77 now when the district, 72 in dulles airport and gaithersburg. it's gone to be and humid day. you will notice that in the air. a few sunny breaks. for the high temperature with scattered showers and the afternooninto and evening. nothing severe. be some flash flooding today and tomorrow. steve hershorn is checking the roads. >> pretty good ride so far on 395 from springfield to the 14th street bridge. in the main lanes sandy hov lanes. no problems on this first day after this summer vacation. no accidents or incidents on the reported to slow you down. a good start. keeping our fingers crossed. heading over to the beltway near lookingty boulevard, good through college park, crown silver spring, light volume. some wet roads all around the area. out for that, especially ramps. we still have a problem in northwest washington. closing be to drive both ways near joyce road. a tree came down on the road. hopefully not much longer for that is cleared. connecticutt to use whatever works best rather than beach drive trying to get to rock creek parkway. back to you. >> consider heading
humidity. and wind building in the forecast. what you'll find is the fire in pittsburg was just off to the west of pittsburg itself. in those hills. temperatures in the 60s. winds are light. that's great news for firefighters. but humidity is extremely low at this time of night. just at 10%. for tuesday, we're going to have a mixed bag here. temperatures in the 90s. it will be hot out there for hot spots to flare up. it will be breezy but not over by gusty. and humidity could be worst this time of year. it's expected at 30% throughout the afternoon hours. not too bad as we look ahead to the next 24 hours. that high pressure is going to continue to fade. we'll begin with 50s and 06s. by the bay and down in the south bay, instead of temperatures to upper 80s and near 90, we'll look at slight cooling. >> thank you, jeff. >>> not the lake tahoe vacation they were dreaming of. a san jose family involved in a jet skiing accident is at a san jose hospital. they rented into jet skis ps investigators say the two water craft collided going about 30 miles per hour. neither parent had experienc
. >> we're still swimming in humidity and the chance for showers remains. maryland's most accurate forecast is coming up. >> president barack obama is moving america forward, not back. >>> the governor took center stage in charlotte and took five minutes to talk to america. we have the highlights. >> the orioles are now tied with the yankees for first place. get excited, baltimore. >> an apple a day could keep the doctor away. >>> we begin tonight with the latest on last week's school shooting in baltimore county. >> we are getting our first look inside the cafeteria where a perry hall high school fired a gun injuring a student. >> we learned that the principal will get some feedback from the man who led the school in puddocka kentucky back in 1997. parents help this process of evaluating the shooting shooting and working toward preventing another one. >> this comes back to a metal detector or that type of thing. >> reporter: it's the parent's turn to come to school after robert gladden critically injured 17-year-old daniel berroie. >> we're looking at that because to move more sta
to the week. temperatures low 70s. we've got low humidity, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. 70 in edgewood and the heart of the city in the low to mid-70s. dry conditions. look at that humidity, 36%. that's comfortable, clear not only in central maryland but across the east coast. there is very limited active weather. good news for the early and middle part of the week. great news for the ravens kickoff game. the forecast is about 70 degrees. we'll fall through the 60s by the fourth quarter. we'll have much more weather coming up. >> you are looking live at the field at m&t bank stadium. the ravens will be playing against the cincinnati bengals. the cincinnati bengals will be beaten tonight. >> sounds good. as you're heading to the game, you will be looking for the perfect place to park, close and cheap. joce sterman is here now with the warning for every fan on four wheels who need to hear this one. >> reporter: parking is tough when the ravens play. you'll find lots scattered all over. if you're not careful, the spot you paid for could and up getting you towed. monday nig
that later on this week. this is fantastic. early september, low humidity, bright sunshine, high temperatures only in the 70's. for the most part, it will last all week. the humidity will be kept at bay and temperatures will rise a little bit. here is a great time lapse of the beautiful sunrise early this morning at 6:45 a.m. and nothing but some for the future -- first few hours of the morning and at 10:00, some patchy clouds and that's what we have outside right now and for the rest of the day and the next few days. almost total sunshine for the next few days. 71 degrees at reagan national airport and 68 degrees in cumberland. the dew point are down -- 45 in cumberland. that is very dry relative to what we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. the humidity will be kept in check all week long. it is a little breezy as we transition to the comfortable air. you can open the windows and get that fresh air in the house and get it circulating, it is gusting up to about 21 miles per hour. we will see that continue for the next couple of hours until about 4:00. other than those patc
on our doppler. we'll show it to you. the real culprit is the humidity, no doubt about that. we have taken the radar, zooming it in. you'll see thunderstorms now in winchester. and just on the other side of i- 81. so i think that those will stay to the west of the immediate suburbs. i don't think that they will be a problem for the nats game tonight either, which is indeed good news. we'll zoom in with the pretty good range from the yellows and reds. pretty heavy rainfall, just west of winchester about to rain just a little bit on the lite side right now in winchester. that storm will work their way across i-81. baseball, just a light chance of showers. 79 the last pitch. we can't wait to sweep the cubs. we'll come back and talk about a cold front that will roll through on saturday. we'll tell you what it means for the rest of your weekend plans. >> thank you, topper. >>> well, virginia is issuing a rising number of concealed weapon permits. they are going to folks who live in other states. this week alone, they saw a surge in request from 50 to 1,000. none of those folks will have t
. in the eastern half of the u.s. it's not as hot but it's still humid for this time of year all the way up the eastern seaboard. we can thank isaac for that. that moisture that's left over that brought the humidity up the east coast, southerly winds and southwesterly winds. for the most part you can see hit and miss rain over kentucky. the 48-hour rains have been impressive. 1 to 2 inches across much of the ohio valley. this is again a very dry region of the country so that's good. what's next in the tropics? this is probably the peak week of the hurricane season. we have tropical storm leslie. unfortunately this trough heading up to the coastline, off the coast i should say, is going to miss leslie. the storm is going to sit and linger off the eastern seaboard the next week. near bermuda next weekend. it will send large waves and rip currents, probably dangerous beach weather today through the next couple of days on the eastern sea board. be careful, swim near lifeguards, dodge those afternoon storms because of that humidity that will pop up this afternoon. that's a look at your national
with a thick blanket of clouds overhead, factor in humidity, heat indexes flirting with 100 degrees even with the cloud cover. that's the reason so up impact at the maryland game. now we have some cooling showers to concern ourselves with as we head into a saturday evening. not a whole lot on radar but where it's raining it's coming down pretty good. northern parts of the west virginia panhandle up near morgan and berkeley counties there. high water on some of the local roadways. be on the lookout. thunder rolling into howard county. couldn't rule out sprinkles he's in leesburg and poolsberg. moisture back out to the west. watch out for it for the rest of the weekend. showers scattered about for your saturday evening. don't stray far from the umbrel umbrella. most cases reez enable for tonight. >> see you in a little bit. >>> new information tonight in a murder investigation in prince george's county. just a short time ago police identified the woman found dead in a park in beltsville earlier this week. darcy spencer is live tonight in beltsville with the latest for us. what have you lea
exiting delaware over into new jersey. it is humid out, temperaturewise a bargain, but the humidity not so hot so to speak, 83 downtown, 83 leesburg, 81 manassas. again the chance of showers and storms in the forecast tonight. we're not sounding the all clear. if you want to cook out the next couple hours, i think you can. >> that's good news. thank you. >>> labor day traditionally means a big rampup toward election day. we're 64 days away from november 6th and the presidential election and one day from the start of the democratic national convention. randall pinkston is in charlotte where the party is already underway. >> reporter: charlotte is throwing a big party. >> it's monday at the dnc. >> reporter: before the democrats go the down to business. actor and singer jeff bridges entertained the crowd at carolina fest and thousands of people collected tins, t-shirts and other souvenirs at the labor day sell brace. dems like kirk clay -- celebration. democrats like kirk clay who traveled here with his family from d.c. are having fun but eager for the convention to begin. >> this is a mag
degrees. we should be in the 80s. 90 winchester today. dulles 90. packs river about 85. humidity values, dew point numbers running and 70 degrees, making it feel like the 90s. 96 in inner harbor. frederick like 100 degrees. very, very toasty evening turning in to a warm and muggy overnight. one storm north of harford county that's dissipated much of the baltimore viewing area looking good. storms towards the west of maryland and oversouth central pennsylvania. the story is this storm system, parked over the ohio valley. this is going to be moving in to the area, late tomorrow afternoon, and in to tomorrow evening, notice the storms fired along this. we are anticipating severe weather, could be isolated tornados, we will talk about that in full detail coming up. >>> a baltimore man faces 57 years behind bars after pleading guilty to his role in a series of armored car robberies that spanned two years. jeff hager has details about the crime spree were rewitnessed menty of robberies targeting armored cars before. 27 year old david howard and his accomplicesl0fpulled off five heists in howa
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